Sunday, 20 January 2008

What I did today, well yesterday really!!

Firstly you may ask why I am still up. TENNIS is the answer, but I don't think I am going to last the whole match. And also been waiting for a teenager to come home. All the chicks are in the nest now so I am having one last cup of tea and then I am going to bed.

Today has been a very very long day! Was up early to head round to Mum & Dad's to help with a garage sale. Came home with my sister and her 4 kids (and mine made 8 kids here in total, well no not 8 I think with the neighbourhood kids that wandered in we had about 11 !!) We spent the next hour or so putting the lovely fella pictured above together. He shall be a gift for a friend of my sisters. The pattern is from Melly & Me and is called Fab Fishy I think and was featured in a Magazine recently. I have just finished stuffing him, and all he needs now is side fins and eye dots. I will post a pic of him all finished ready to go tomorrow, well later today! LOL.

I have also just spent some time setting up my Etsy shop! I am itching to get stitching so I can get things listed! Will keep you updated on that.

DD2 has started another project today. ( After she finished her first needle punch project last week). I found a pattern online for a dragon that you make with Suffolk Puffs (lots and lots of them). So I set her up today with the awesome Clover Yo Yo maker and she started what is going to be a very arduous task. I will post a pic of both of her projects shortly.

I think that is all for tonight!! Cheers

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