Monday, 23 July 2012

The Winner is.....

I thought it was about time to announce a winner for this one.....only 2 people guessed correctly and one of them has recused herself as she really had an unfair advantage. (Being a good friend and

So that left us with just ONE person .....and that person is Annette!! Yes I turned 45 just last week....and I feel I am wearing my age well it seems based on some of the very generous guess's you have put forward over the last week....Annette can you please email me your postal address so that I can send you your prize!

I really need to update my profile as a lot of you took your clues from there. In reality I now have 2 teenagers and 2 young adults...They all still live at home but the older 2 work, drive, know all those grown up things...In fact my oldest daughter is now around about the age I was when I had her!! THAT is a frightening statistic!

So now that we have taken care of that....what else is news?? This week I am heading off to work with Cecile from Unique Stitching at the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair. If you are local why not pop in and see us at Jeff's Shed. The show is open 9am - 5pm Thursday to Sunday ...... Cecile is running some amazing hands on classes ON the stand....remember to stop by and book early ......places go SUPER fast!!

I would also suggest you stop by and visit my friend Lara from Chocolate Coated Patchwork on her stand. She has stock of my Hexagon cushion pattern AND she has made some kits in beautiful fabric from Leesa Chandler! She has been previewing the samples on her FB page and they look amazing! She will also have a supply of my fabric badges....why not go and have a fossick through the basket!!

Thanks again to those who played this guessing game....



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