Friday, 22 July 2011

I know have...

....25 FINISHED blocks...!!

Oh man WHAT A DAY! As I said this morning, husband and youngest daughter came down with a it was disinfecting and washing for me all morning. Then off to the Post OP appointment with DS2...good & bad news there but that is for another post. DS1 somehow managed to collect his car, yes his first car!! He still does not have his license so I supervised him while he took it for his first drive... Oh DD1 had her car serviced so I had to drive her over to collect that...AND I got to stitch those pesky blocks...and I have done it all on about 4 hours sleep....and all day wondering "do I feel sick??" uugghhh Tomorrow the top goes together!! But NOW I sleep....the alarm is OFF ( and there is a bucket next to my bed just in case....)

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Annette said...

lock yourself in the shed to avoid the dreaded "lurgy"