Friday, 17 June 2011

I am still here....

I really am...LOL I know I apologise every time for my tardiness and lack of attention to my blog, but honestly I just don't know where the time goes...7 weeks since I last posted??? UUgghh really I cannot believe that this year is almost half over!

I am enjoying winter...This is my favourite time of year, the heat seems to do horrible things to my body, brain, mood and level of motivation. But WINTER....ahhh so lovely, easy to get warm and toasty under a quilt!!SUCH FUN!

So here are the fabric form my next quilt FQ friendly quilt. It is in my head... there just BURSTING to get out...but I have a few outstanding things to tidy up before I start cutting I HOPE to be at it by tomorrow afternoon....I PROMISE to keep you updated.

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