Monday, 27 June 2011

An Accidental peak....

Photo's never quite seem to do the fabrics & colours justice do they! OH well...this is it! The "Accidental Quilt". Well a bit of it anyways...I am very pleased with the way it comes together. It ticks all MY boxes: Easy & uncomplicated fabric shopping, efficient & economic to cut, a dream to piece (if I do say so myself) AND adaptable...This is a scrappy option but I see other possibilities with the basic design. Great size is going to be approx 160cm square. NICE!! I am happy! AND happily working on the matching Accidental Bag that I am making out of the scraps...he he he he!

The sewing is going to slow down a little this week. My 16 Y.O. son has to have an operation on Thursday. He is having a Mastiodectomy to clear out and repair a Cholesteatoma in his left ear....We know he will have to stay in for a min of 1 night..maybe more depending on how exactly the operation goes. NOT something I thought we would be facing ever but it is what it is I guess....I will have several things with me...runners for nervous walks around the block and I have to prepare some hand stitching for when it is dark. Thursday will start early as we have to be in there prior to 7am....and it is about a 40min drive to the Mercy Hospital. This is definitely when I would rather not be someones

Will be back next week with some more updates...


PS if the fabric does not look like the fabric I posted about the other is because it is not. THAT fabric is for the quilt I was meaning to design when I accidentally stumbled across the Accidental Quilt

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