Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Shed Update

Now I know I promised you a shed update tomorrow and as it is 12:08am, it is now technically the next tomorrow.....I also figure in theory as I have not been to sleep, it must actually still be today or the first tomorrow and it will remain so until I have been to sleep and I wake up tomorrow! By then I would have welched on my promise to update you tomorrow...........(can you tell it is late?? LOL) So if I do it NOW.......all is good?? Yes...you with me??

So shed....more walls clad. 2 sections are completed of a necessary 6, but a lack of materials had bought us to a grinding halt over the weekend. Husband has spent the day with the trailer on......collecting goodies from all over town. I think it is all here now bar the ceiling. The skirting's are also being custom cut and will be ready for collecting later in the week.

The picture I have included is of one of the completed sections. Including design wall......I plan on covering it with something...I am told flannel is the best. Can you see the power points?? LOL there are 10 double sockets in the room!!! Luxury!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am........(feel a bit like screaming inside........) Just taking deep breaths......and practicing my patience. LOL

More soon I hope!



Gene Black said...

Ahh...take a deep cleansing breath. hold it ....now let it out.

OH MY GOD! Jump up and down, scream and shout! Whoopee!


ozjane said...

looking good and getting closer...good to run out of materials....means lots of work done.