Thursday, 13 September 2012

Confidence......'s a tricky thing! I have been pondering this word a lot lately...and in particular business confidence.

As you know I have been making changes to Patchwork Promises over the last year: I have re-branded,  created a new selling platform, developed an actual marketing strategy and I am adding new products & designs. I had pottered along for the first 5 years, honestly only working Patchwork Promises as a hobby. The construction of the Studio was the first step needed to start building something a bit more serious, but taking the leap that I finally have this year, well they took a little longer to eventuate. Why?? Confidence or rather a profound lack of it and in particular BUSINESS confidence.

The decision to step up was not taken lightly and the closing of the ebay store was the defining moment. Initially I felt liberated, giddy even..... free to make decisions about what face I wanted to put on MY business. Set my own terms....give MY customers a unique shopping experience that was mutually beneficial rather than one designed to line the pockets of the middle man. Unfortunately that first flush of bravado didn't last long and recently my business confidence has taken beating. Because while I was busy having meetings and issuing instructions to web developers and graphic designers, while I was booking print advertising and ordering stock, I realized that some of assumptions I had made just weren't panning out. Some of the things I had counted on, just didn't eventuate. Have you heard the term analysis paralysis?? Well I got myself in this vicious never ending thought pattern, trying to work out what I was doing anything wrong, was I in fact doing anything wrong?? Apart from the fact that I couldn't make sensible business decisions, I  also created a MASSIVE creative block. I started to question if I have the skill to design, write and teach in this industry. "HHhhmm Maybe that is the problem, doesn't matter if my business skills aren't designs and my work just aren't up to isn't as good as blah blah blah...." I think you get the frame of mind I have been in!

 Amongst all this negative chatter....there has been one phrase that will occasionally pop into my head:


In truth, this has seemed too simple to be the answer that I have been seeking..... I have spent hours trying to reason out answers and justifications for my predicament and I am tired from it...exhausted even. So from now on I surrender to the simplicity:


I will no longer seek to hide or explain away my short comings. I am who I am. I bring a LOT to the table and what I don't know, I am capable of learning.

My work is good, in fact it is better than good. I will not stifle the creative process by comparing myself to others. I will find my niche, I just need to embrace the journey.

I AM IN BUSINESS....aspiring to make money is not a bad thing. I will no longer undervalue my work or my time!

Goodness, that feels good!!

Today I put all that into action....It has been an interesting kind of day. AND I took one very particular bold step! Once the details are fleshed out I will fill you in....but until then you will just need to wait!!

The line is drawn....and I am powering on!




Lara Gibbons said...

Go Lynda! Print out that pretty image you used above and stick it on the wall so that you remember your promise to yourself.

Ramona said...

mmmm hmmm. Looks good in writing, now you should believe it, really!! My mum has always said, the only person standing in your way is YOU!!

jennyg said...

Go girl !

Lindi said...

Nobody is perfect, Lynda, not even the best in the business. The important thing is, you are prepared to learn and grow. And not being perfect means you are more likely to relate to your students and they to you. :)As to your designs, so far, they are great! Full steam ahead, my girl. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! (Great book to get hold of by the way, )

blessed speedy said...

Well done you!
Must admit I've been going thru a similar (sort of) process - I've been really unwell and was actually almost no longer here - Im now reassessing what is REALLY important and what isnt - it can actually be quite freeing if you let the process happen