Saturday, 5 June 2010

Product Review - Easy Grip

I was visiting with June at Lilly Patches the other day and as usual we discussing many things. Some how rulers and their tendency to slip when making long cuts came up and June gave me a packet of Sew Easy Clear Grip to try at home. I have done a lot of reading about the various prevention options that are out there, even tried a few, never been happy with anything. Soooooo I was more than happy to give this one a burl.

I have to admit I was skeptical, I mean how can some plastic firstly stay in place and secondly stop the ruler slipping?? I was also seriously concerned about the application process, would I end up in a mess as I often do with cling wrap. LOL I needn't have been concerned, the plastic has enough rigidity to be easy to manage, and it was actually not sticky as I had expected it would need to be. Should have worked that out when I read the word electrostatic, use the plastic just somehow stays using static electricity. The pack contains a piece that is 31.75cm x 91.4cm (12.5" x 1') I decided to use it on my largest ruler which is 20.5" square as usually I wish I had 4 hands when using it, 1 for the cutter and the other 3 to hold the ruler steady. Obviously I had to use a couple of pieces in a jigsaw puzzle manner, but I got the ruler covered and even some left over to a smaller one. I had 9 very large stack and slash blocks to trim up: the perfect test! WORKED A TREAT!! I really cannot get my head around just how much difference it made. My only other question is how will it stand up to use? Only time will tell so there may have to be an addendum to this post.



Gene Black said...

Thanks Lynda. This is good to know.

I realized that I wasn't a follower. Funny, because you are in my reading list and I always read your posts. Although i don't always comment. SO - I am now a follower!!!

Peg said...

Hi Lynda - I've had the North American version of Easy Grip for about 1.5 years - stands up well, works beautifully. I did find a ruler that for some reason wouldn't accept the static cling, but it's a small one, so not a biggie. I like it!!! Much better than the 'handles' that can be used (although they are ergonomically better and save hands, fingers, elbows) - I find those handles hide too much of the ruler, and I can't be sure that my fabric edge is straight all the way through on long cuts. Anyway - all the best in using this new product, I'm sure you'll like it.

Ozjane said...

Funny that......something fell the other day and I put it on my machine table without really looking to see what it was....and guess what it is..............
so I guess I need to open it and try it also.