Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I have been Shopping.......

....another bitter sweet experience. One of my Local Patchwork Shops is closing, so there is a big closing down sale.....it is always exciting to get a bargain but the thought of the shop not being there is just so sad. This shop has been open for around 30 years, initially as a general craft store, providing supplies for macrame, embroidery, tapestry etc. Over time it morphed into a patchwork store with a reputed 5000 bolts. Here is part of my haul. Here is my 25 FQ's from Robyn Pandolph's Somerset Cottage Range!! The 3 packs should have cost $140 but at 40% off I got them for $84 making them $3.36each!!! I am pretty happy with that. I got some meterage too which was really much better value at $10 a meter. I also bought some things that I needed ie backings for quilts all ready in the works. But that being just a little too practical the splurge on the lovely soft Pandolph's was a must!!

PS I know it has been a long time since I posted, I have pictures of the quilts I completed at camp. I got ALMOST 3 bound!!!

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Peg said...

Isn't it exciting when you get a chance for a bargain for things you love!