Saturday, 3 October 2009

You know how I said I was almost done......

......well I wasn't. The more I looked around the house....the more I found! Just when I would think I had it sorted, I found more. I believe that this week I have FINALLY taken everything out to the shed that belongs there. I have spent the last couple of days straightening up my bedroom. For the first time in about 8 years, there is NOTHING under my bed. My shoes are back in the walk in robe......and I can even WALK INTO my walk in robe. I feel tonight a bit like I am sleeping in a hotel room it is so clean and tidy!

So the task for tomorrow is to get the Shed into the same that by the time the kids head back to school on Monday....ALL will be set to rights! Then PICTURES for you!! LOL


Dawn said...

yeah... the end is in sight.....or should I say the beginning of creative leave things explore lots of colorways... to design to your hearts content..and who cares if it stays in the studio...
Have Fun
Hugs and Sweet Blessings
dawn x x

ozjane said...

Oh it is so good to tackle the walk in robe....early this year I sent about 4 car loads to the op many years of clothes collected.
I did not have room for fabrics in there...LOL.
Hope the roof is up by now.
what fun it will be.