Wednesday, 20 May 2009

More excitement .....

I am very pleased to show you, my flooring and my cable........not much in one sense but tangible evidence of the slow but steady march forward!! I am very excited with the flooring, it is laminate panels which we can easily install ourselves. I have done a little test walk on the small portion Husband has layed just for fun ( as neither of us could wait). It almost has that walking on hard floor sound, which I love!! It helps me to imagine what the room will "feel" like, which if it is to be a space I get creative in.........well you know what I mean it needs to "feel" just right. LOL. Hope to be showing you the some clad walls after the weekend!!!



ozjane said...

I am excited. You are actually probably going to need cooling before
reminder to myself to work nights or something to get air conditioner for bedroom which is hottest room of house, so that I do not have to have the rest of the house that cool.
I did get a quote.....but can do better but did get someone who needs my computer.......if the new one ever comes.

ozjane said...

Well I did post.......oh maybe it went for Mumma is cold.....I have infected tooth or face or am not thinking straight.